How to operate the throttle of the loader is better

Sep 10, 2019

When the loader is working, the heel is pressed against the cab floor, and the foot plate and the accelerator pedal are kept parallel, and the fuel pedal is gently pressed down. At work, the accelerator pedal should be stabilized from start to finish. Under normal working conditions, the accelerator pedal opening is preferably about 70~80%. When working, the loader often works on uneven construction sites. If the foot is always on the brake pedal, the up and down movement of the fuselage will cause the driver to step on the brake pedal.

Normally, it is necessary to control the condition and shift by controlling the throttle pedal to slow down. This not only prevents the brake system from overheating due to frequent braking, but also facilitates the convenient speed increase of the loader. In particular, when shovel digging work, the bucket should be shovel full of materials by cyclically lifting the hoist and the bucket lever while the loader accelerator pedal is stable. Coordination is a reasonable cooperation between the lifting and turning control cylinders. The usual shoveling process of the loader is to place the bucket flat on the ground and smoothly drive toward the pile. When the bucket is parallel to the pile to meet the resistance, the principle of first lifting the arm and then collecting the bucket should be followed. This can reasonably prevent the bottom end of the bucket from being subjected to resistance, so that a large digging force can be fully utilized.