How to properly purchase accessories for the loader?

Oct 08, 2019

The types of loader accessories are very complicated, so there will be some troubles in the selection of many friends when choosing. Today, we will specifically explain how to choose the right small loader accessories:

First of all, we must know that when purchasing small loader parts, we must go to the professional small loader parts factory to choose, because the loader parts produced by such manufacturers must be guaranteed, and as construction machinery supplies, loading The machine is used for loading various projects. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, it will bring great danger to the loader during assembly or other time. Therefore, you must choose a regular professional loader manufacturer.

Then choose according to the purpose of the loader, because of different environments and working devices. They are all different. Also, when selecting a small loader accessory, it is also necessary to classify it according to the model of the loader.

When choosing a loader, consider the braking performance of the loader accessories. It includes multiple brakes, parking brakes and emergency brakes. Brake; hoof, caliper and wet multi-piece three. The driving mechanism of the brake is generally a urging device, and the power source thereof is compressed air, gas capping oil, and hydraulic type. At present, the gas top oil brake system is commonly used, and a double circuit brake system is generally used to improve the safety of driving.

The frequency of loaders in modern urban and rural construction can be regarded as higher and higher. Basically, both large and small projects can be used. The technology of loaders is always in a leading position nationwide. Below we will briefly explain a technology for everyone. The problem, the regular maintenance method of the loader speed control system, must not be taken lightly:

First, the cycle: every day

Task: On-time maintenance: The oil low-shell oil level should be checked on time every day;

Second, the cycle: every week

Task: On-time maintenance: check if the shift control handle is flexible and effective every week;

Third, the cycle: half a month

Task: On-time maintenance: Clean the transmission oil sump and gearbox filter element in half a month;

Fourth, the cycle: monthly

Task: On-time maintenance: Clean the oil pan filter on time every month and replace the gearbox oil;

V. Cycle: every six months

Task: On-time maintenance: The gearbox and torque converter are dismantled and inspected and repaired every six months.