Loader 7 Big Maintenance Tips To Help You Extend Their Service Life

Sep 16, 2019

The loader is an important mechanical equipment commonly used in the construction of highway engineering. In order to make the loader last longer, maintenance at different stages is essential, so what maintenance should be done? Here is a list of regular maintenance of the loader.

1. List 1: Daily maintenance matters

The maintenance of the loader can not be lost every day. Check the loader before carrying out the construction work. The list of daily maintenance has the following five points:

(1) Check if there is any oil leakage, water leakage or air leakage before leaving the vehicle.

(2) Check the engine oil, coolant, and hydraulic fluid level.

(3) It is determined that the fastener of the loader has no looseness problem.

(4) Inspection of tire pressure and damage, lighting and instrumentation.

(5) Press the butter on the hinge point of the loader.

2. List 2: Every 50 hours of maintenance

There are daily maintenance articles for loaders, and of course there are weekly maintenance articles. What are the weekly maintenance items? The following summarizes five points for everyone:

(1) Observe the transmission oil level and whether the oil quantity is sufficient.

(2) Check the shift control system and throttle operation.

(3) Check the front and rear drive shaft bolts.

(4) Inspection of the engine intake pipe and the cleaning of the air filter.

(5) Check of foot brake and hand brake, brake booster oil quantity.

3, list three: every 100 hours of maintenance

I will tell you about the two-week maintenance of the loader. The inspection of the oil is still very important. Here are four important maintenance:

(1) Replacement of transmission oil, it will be replaced every 600 hours after the running-in period.

(2) Replace the engine oil, and change it every 600 hours after the running-in period.

(3) Inspection of the tightening of the loader rim and brake disc bolts and bridge bolts.

(4) Check the battery liquid level and apply Vaseline to the battery terminal.

4, list four: every 200 hours of monthly maintenance

Many users will ask what maintenance should be done every month? There is also a small cycle of maintenance every month. There are six things to check:

(1) Timely cleaning of diesel, engine oil and transmission oil filters.

(2) Timely cleaning of the air filter to determine whether it is necessary to replace it.

(3) Whether there are cracks in the loading boom, bucket and frame.

(4) Check the tightness of the generator and fan belt.

(5) The tire pressure is measured to be 0.27~0.31Mpa.

(6) Check the oil level of the front and rear axles.

5, list five: every 600 hours of maintenance

After the maintenance of the month, it is the quarterly maintenance article. In one quarter, the loader should do the following five inspections:

(1) Replacement of engine oil, transmission oil, oil filter, and diesel oil filter.

(2) Regular replacement of the front and rear axle gear oils, and replacement every 1000 hours after the running-in period.

(3) Cleaning of the surface of the water tank and radiator.

(4) Cleaning of the oil suction filter of the diesel tank.

(5) Check the engine valve clearance.

6, list six: every 1200 hours of maintenance

When the loader is used for half a year, maintenance and maintenance cannot be dropped at this time. There are five items that should be checked:

(1) Cleaning of oil filter, fuel tank, and replacement of hydraulic oil.

(2) Carefully check the engine's operating conditions.

(3) Carefully check the working condition of the hydraulic system.

(4) Carefully check the performance of the brake system and replace the brake fluid.

(5) Carefully check the performance of the steering system.

7, list seven: every 2400 hours of maintenance

Finally, let me talk about what the maintenance should be done every year:

(1) Check it according to the engine's instructions.

(2) The gearbox and torque converter should be inspected for disassembly.

(3) The front and rear axles are also best to be dismantled.

(4) Inspection work of welds in all parts of the loader.