The Loader Started, There Are Still So Many Stresses

Sep 26, 2019

No matter what machine, as long as you are good at it and care for it, it will hardly betray you. Xiaobian always believes that every machine is alive, so taking care of our loaders during operation will make our loaders last longer.

So what should the loader pay attention to after starting and starting? The following will be explained for you.

start up

鈥 Put the shift control handle in the neutral position.

鈥 Turn on the main power switch, turn the ignition key clockwise, and lightly press the throttle. The ignition time should not exceed 5-10 seconds at a time.

鈥 If the first ignition fails, the interval should be at least one minute after the second. Failure to ignite three times in a row, and then try again after troubleshooting.

鈥 After starting, let the engine run for 5-10 minutes at an idle speed of 600-750 rpm, while paying attention to the readings of each meter.

After startup

鈥 Let the engine run at low speed. If the engine oil pressure gauge cannot be within the normal range within 10 minutes, stop the engine running, find out the cause of the problem, and then start it after the exclusion. Failure to do so may result in engine damage.

鈥 If the engine is running at high speed if the oil pressure is not as high as required, the turbocharger will be damaged.

鈥 To preheat the hydraulic components as quickly as possible, operate the work unit joysticks at intervals to allow the preheated hydraulic fluid to flow through the cylinders and hydraulic lines.

鈥 After starting, let the engine run for 5-10 minutes at idle speed until the engine water temperature reaches 55 掳C, and the low brake pressure alarm buzzer stops alarming before driving.

鈥 Do not allow the engine to run at high or low speeds for more than 20 minutes in the neutral position. If it is necessary to run the engine in neutral, intermittently let the loader work device move up and down, or walk back and forth.